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Work Wear

A full range of quality workwear garments including. T-shirts,Polo shirts, sweatshirts,ties trousers,drivers jackets, waterproofs, hi-vis cloting,safetyboots/shoes,Tool Vests.

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*Aprons/Aprons,Bibs (1 products)
*Boilersuits/Boilersuits Quilted (4 products)
*Boilersuits/Stud/Zip Boilersuit (15 products)
*Chef Hats,Whites,Tunics,Trousers/Chefs Whites,Tunics,Jackets,Trousers,Caps (8 products)
*First aid Kits,Hard Hats,Masks etc/Health & Safety Products (17 products)
*Flame/Fire Retardant/Overalls,Jackets,Trousers (5 products)
*Fleeces/1/2 Zip Fleeces,1/4 Zip (14 products)
*Fleeces/Full Zip Fleece (18 products)
*Footwear/Safety Boots (55 products)
*Gloves/All Knitted Gloves (5 products)
*Gloves/Rigger,Leather,Latex,Marigold (14 products)
*Hats and Caps/Caps (14 products)
*Hats and Caps/Hats (9 products)
*High Visibility Clothing/Jackets and Coats (24 products)
*Jackets/Waterproofs,Padded,Work,Bombers, Bodywarmers (17 products)
*Jumpers/Jumpers (6 products)
*Knee Pads/All (6 products)
*Lab Coats/Lab and Warehouse Coats (2 products)
*Misc/Bib & Brace, Coveralls (3 products)
*Onepiece Suit/Snickers Onepiece Suit (1 products)
*Painters Bib & Brace,Aprons,Trousers/Painters Wear (3 products)
*Shirts/Oxford Shirts (56 products)
*Shirts/Polo Shirts (68 products)
*Shirts/Sweatshirts (47 products)
*Shirts/T-Shirts (45 products)
*Shorts/Shorts (1 products)
*Snickers Accessories/Toolbelts,Vests,Expander,Socks,Hats (10 products)
*Snickers Base Layers/Base Layers (6 products)
*Tabards/Tabards (1 products)
*Tool Vests/Tool Vests (2 products)
*Trousers/Work Trousers (33 products)
Solutions Workwear Ltd, 75 Park Lane, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 6TX
Tel: 01625 429423 | Fax: 01625 410890
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